Define Design

Simply put, I am a designer, trained as an artist. As an artist and designer, my work stems from my roots. Through a variety of design venues, including photography, graphic design and illustration, I express a personal narrative to all who experience my work. These narratives focus on family, culture and community. In short, I create work for people, about people.

My Services

I offer a wide range of services, below are the ones I am currently featuring. If you are interested in a service not listed, please send me an email or contact me by phone with your request and I'll see what I can do. If I cannot help you, I can offer a reference to someone who can.

Illustration & Painting

Perhaps you see the perfect gift on my site. If not, send me a photo and I can create a custom image or illustration for you.

Front End Web Design

From designing and generating wireframes of your concept to creating prototype mock-ups and working code ready to be deployed to your server, I can help you make your ideas a reality.


I specialize in event photography, macros, engagements, weddings, portraits, objects for presentation, and pets.

Why Choose Me

Good craft is imperative in quality design. When I deliver a project to a customer, they can expect organized source files, an easy-to-navigate file structure, and above all, exactly what they asked for.

As an experienced designer, I know that spending time on revisions and multiple iterations is just as important as coming up with an initial layout. I deliver my projects "piece-meal" so you have time to consider the design and request changes. I certainly won't waste your time.

You'll never find yourself thinking of me as one of those "Artsy Folks." I aim to come up with quality design options without the cluttered vocabulary of "designer speak".

Design Experience



    As a member of the Visual Interface Design team, I am currently redesigning our members' mobile application as well as developing HTML/CSS interactive wireframes for customer-facing shopper web pages. I have also had the opportunity to observe user experience testing and provided various graphics and logo files to support the Marketing Team.


    As ClearBlade's Graphic Designer and Usability Specialist, I worked with consultants and clients to determine the desired user experience for websites and mobile applications. Duties included designing image mockups, designing promotional and educational videos (in After Effects), as well as creating functional website/mobile app prototypes with HTML and jQuery Mobile.


    I worked specifically with the University Dining Marketing team designing print media and advertisements for upcoming events. Projects ranged from designed the layout for our NACUFS submission to Campus Enterprises' new logo.

  • Freelance Art & Design

    Over the years, I've held a number of freelance jobs ranging from various art projects painting murals for childrens' class rooms to website and logo design.


Portfolio Samples

People Say

Rebecca delivers thoughtful work in a timely fashion. She is continually curious, looking for new ways to improve thing for our members and her teammates. She accepts feedback with grace and a desire to improve. And, she has the respect of peers who admire not only her creativity but her easy going and optimistic demeanor. She is a great ambassador for our culture.

Rebecca has done a very good job of digesting, refining and documenting our digital design standards. She has also continually found ways to improve access to this information with ideas like "goodies" for developers that make key assets available quickly and easily.

Rebecca has been a tremendous asset on the mobile team. Her focus on simplicity and delight is visible across the proposed mobile-first designs. Rebecca is very detail oriented, not just in the extensive documentation on the mobile work, but in what information she gathers to inform her ideas.

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Raleigh, North Carolina

(919) 815-5644